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Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2022 - 18:15 Uhr

Shadows from the Valley of Death
Investigating Babyn Yar

Lecture in English by Dr. Martin Dean


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The lecture will examine the complex history of the Babyn Yar ravine, where more than 33.000 Jewish men, women, and children were shot by the German SS and Police in just two days. Incorporating much new research, the presentation will reconstruct the landscape as it existed on September 29–30, 1941, describe the route taken by the Jews into the ravine, and analyze the German organization of the massacre. Using numerous witness testimonies and key photographic images, reactions among Kyiv’s Jews, acts of escape along the way, and the fate of Jewish property in the city will be discussed.

Dr. Martin Dean

has worked as a researcher for the Special Investigations Unit in Sydney, Australia, and as Senior Historian for the Metropolitan Police War Crimes Unit in London. As a Research Scholar at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, he was a Volume Editor for The Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos. His book Robbing the Jews (2008) won a National Jewish Book Award.

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