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Dr. Martin Liepach

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Martin Liepach studied history and mathematics at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. He was awarded his PhD in political science in 1994 from the Freie Universität Berlin on the political orientation of Jews in the Weimar Republic. After completing mandatory practical teacher training at a higher secondary school in Frankfurt, he was seconded to work part of the time in museum education and delegated to teacher training at the Jewish Museum Frankfurt. Liepach has been a lecturer at Goethe University since 2000. As managing director of the Leo Baeck Institute commission to disseminate information on German-Jewish history, he supervises the Orientation aid for curriculum and textbook work as well as basic and advanced teacher training of the same name. From 2009 to 2019 Liepach has worked at the education centre of the Fritz Bauer Institute and the Jewish Museum Frankfurt. He is a member of the German-Israeli textbook commission and co-author of the Deutsch-Israelische Schulbuchempfehlungen (German-Israeli textbook recommendations) published in 2015.

Research focal areas:

  • Presentation of Jewish history in current history textbooks 
  • Presentation and history of Israel
  • Remembrance and communication of the history of the Holocaust and National Socialism in a school context

Selected publications

  • Zur Darstellung des Holocaust in den aktuellen Schulgeschichtsbüchern, in: Geschichte in Wissenschaft und Unterricht, issue 9–10/2019, S. 543–553.
  • (with Wolfgang Geiger), Fragen an die jüdische Geschichte. Darstellungen und didaktische Herausforderungen, Schwalbach 2014 (Schriftenreihe der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, vol. 1534, Bonn 2015).
  • (Ed., with Dirk Sadowski), Jüdische Geschichte im Schulbuch, Göttingen 2014.
Dr. Martin Liepach

Knowledge Transfer

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