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Evaluation of the Fritz Bauer Institute by the German Science and Humanities Council

Final report: »Small Institute with Great Achievement«

The Fritz Bauer Institute was evaluated by the German Science and Humanities Council in 2022 on behalf of the State of Hesse. On January 25 and 26, the inspection by an eight-member evaluation commission chaired by Prof. Dr. Caspar Hirschi (St. Gallen) took place - in digital form due to the pandemic situation. The commission spoke with both the Institute's management and staff members from all of the Institute's working areas. Discussions also took place with representatives of the Academic advisory board and with selected cooperation partners. A central part of the inspection was also the presentation of current research projects of the Institute by the respective researchers and the subsequent discussion.

In October 2022, the Science and Humanities Council published its final statement. Both in the evaluation report and in the final detailed statement, the work of the Fritz Bauer Institute is assessed very positively: »The Council of Science and Humanities certifies the Fritz Bauer Institute's impressive achievements in a broad spectrum of tasks. With a small staff, the Institute succeeds in closely combining high-quality research and diverse educational offerings. The Frankfurt Institute's research on violent National Socialist crimes, especially on the Holocaust, as well as on the legal and social treatment of these crimes in the period since 1945, is of predominantly outstanding quality.«

Press Release of the German Council of Science and Humanities, October 17, 2022 (PDF file/German)
Statement on the Fritz Bauer Institute (PDF file/German)
Background information on the Fritz Bauer Institute (PDF file/German)
Press release of the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main from October 27, 2022 (English)

The staff of the Fritz Bauer Institute are pleased about the extraordinarily positive assessment of their work and have dealt intensively with the evaluation report. They also understand the appreciation as an obligation to continue on the path they have taken and to continue the efforts already begun, for example, to increase the internationalization and digitization of the Institute.

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