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The Fritz Bauer Institute library is a specialised academic library, serving research, education and study, as well as professional and other types of training, and in particular the Fritz Bauer Institute employees and students of Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. It is an independent section attached to the Humanities library centre of Goethe University and is located on the 7th floor/Q1 in the IG Farben-Haus building on Westend campus.

The library collection is focussed on the following areas:

  • Research literature and collections of documents on the Holocaust
  • Survivor testimonies
  • Research literature on dealing with the Nazi past in Germany
  • Research literature on legal prosecution of Nazi crimes
  • Studies and materials on post-Auschwitz education

The library holdings, currently comprising some 13,000 volumes, are for in-library reference usage with open access to library visitors. For users to obtain a better overview of the library resources, preparations were made for conversion to a new library software system and establishment of a public library catalogue. As part of this process, the library thus joined the Hessian library information network (Hessisches BibliotheksInformationsSystem – HeBIS). Consultation and research activities are at the forefront of the library’s mission. The principal demand is for consultation on specific topics and for an introduction to the holdings and their usage. The Fritz Bauer Institute library is a member of the Working Group of the Memorial Site Libraries (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Gedenkstättenbibliotheken – AGGB).

Library Catalog (OPAC)

All listed media can be searched in the Library Catalog.
Should you not find a book you seek in the library, you can send us an acquisition suggestion.

The Fritz Bauer Institute library is a NON-lending reference library. Books may not be borrowed.

Josefine Ruhe

Fritz Bauer Institut
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+49 (0)69 798 322-45

Library of the Fritz Bauer Institute

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