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Johannes Beermann-Schön M.A.

Archive and documentation

Johannes Beermann-Schön studied history, religious studies and sociology at Bielefeld and Bremen universities. Beermann administered the archive of the Foundation for 20th Century Social History in Bremen during his studies. After completing his degree in 2014, he became archivist at the Bielefeld university archive in charge of digital long-term preservation and archiving of audio-visual media. He is involved in nestor (Network of expertise in long-term storage and availability of digital resources in Germany). Beermann has been employed at the Fritz Bauer Institute since 2016, in charge of archiving and documentation.

Areas of responsibility:

  • Continuous development and administration of the archives of the Fritz Bauer Institute
  • Documentation of the Institute’s work
  • Conception, design and organisation of information systems; digitisation of archive holdings, maintenance and care of archives already digitised and of »born digitals«
  • Documentation of current criminal cases against Nazi perpetrators

Selected Publication

  • »Taking Advantage: German Freight Forwarders and Property Theft, 1933–1945«, in: Christoph Kreutzmüller, Jonathan R. Zatlin (Eds.), Robbing German Jewry 1933–1953, Michigan 2019.
Johannes Beermann-Schön M.A.

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