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The Fritz Bauer Institute archive’s holdings can be divided into five main departments: »Fritz Bauer Institute archive«, »Collections«, »Legacies«, »Select materials« and »Printed material and grey literature«. The archive’s holdings are continuously expanded and indexes created for the individual materials. However, as not all of these indexes can be placed online for data privacy reasons, please contact archiv(at) for questions on specific records.

Fritz Bauer Institute archive

The »Fritz Bauer Institute archive« department comprises archive records pertaining to the history of the founding of the Fritz Bauer Institute, documents on the Institute direction, administration and programme areas as well as on the friends’ association Fritz Bauer Institut e.V.


The »Collections« department comprises archive records collected within the scope of research projects of the Fritz Bauer Institute or that have been received by the Institute from public entities and/or researchers. Only some of the records contained in this department are accessible to the public.

Third-party provenance collectionsSmlg Frankfurt Auschwitz trials collection
 Smlg 1st Frankfurt Auschwitz trial 4 Ks 2/63
 Smlg 2nd Frankfurt Auschwitz trial 4 Ks 3/63
 Smlg 3rd Frankfurt Auschwitz trial 4 Ks 1/67
 Smlg 4th Frankfurt Auschwitz trial 4 Ks 1/70
 Smlg 5th Frankfurt Auschwitz trial 4 Ks 2/73
 Smlg 6th Frankfurt Auschwitz trial 4 Js 773/70 Ks
 Smlg Frankfurt Auschwitz trials – Press clippings collection
 Smlg District attorney of the Frankfurt am Main Regional Court collection
Fritz Bauer Institute project collectionsSmlg Aschaffenburg Auschwitz trial collection
 Smlg »The Auschwitz trial« exhibition collection
 Smlg Ein Leben aufs Neu (A new life) collection
 Smlg Eichmann trial collection
 Smlg Fischer trial collection
 Smlg Goldhagen debate collection
 Smlg Hermann Langbein collection
 Smlg Historikerstreit (Historians debate) collection
 Smlg I.G. Auschwitz – Buna/Monowitz concentration camp collection
 Smlg Josef Mengele collection
 Smlg Primo Levi correspondence collection
 Smlg Lachen über Hitler (Laughing about Hitler) collection
 Smlg Lesen nach Hitler (Reading after Hitler) collection
 Smlg Legalisierter Raub (Legalised robbery) collection
 Smlg Norbert-Wollheim-Memorial collection
 Smlg Nationalsozialistische Gewaltverbrechen (NSG)-Verfahren (Nazi violent crimes trial) collection
 Smlg NS-Moral (Nazi morality) collection
 Smlg Press clippings collection
 Smlg Reviews collection
 Smlg Tape recordings of the 1st Frankfurt Auschwitz trial collection
 Smlg Vernichtungskrieg – Verbrechen der Wehrmacht (War of extermination – Wehrmacht crimes) collection
 Smlg Vor der Auslöschung (Before extinction) collection
 Smlg Academic qualifications works collection
 Smlg Survivor testimonies collection
Transferred project collectionsSmlg Alois Brunner collection
 Smlg Flucht von NS-Tätern nach Südamerika (Fleeing Nazi perpetrators to South America) collection
 Smlg Hans Globke collection
 Smlg Right-wing extremism in the Federal Republic of Germany collection


The »Legacies« department contains archive material bequeathed either pre or post-death to the Fritz Bauer Institute, or transferred to it as a deposit, acquisition or a gift.

Pre-death legacyVL Carl Bringer
 VL Gerhard Wiese
 VL Hans Fertig
 VL Heimo Mossbauer
 VL Heinz Düx
 VL Jürgen Pieplow
 VL Johannes Warlo
BequestsNL Alissa Fuss
 NL Benno Erhard
 NL Klaus Dylewski
 NL Eduard Wirths
 NL Ernst Bürgin
 NL Familie Pfungst
 NL Fritz Bauer
 NL Fritz Steinacker
 NL Georg Bürger
 NL Hanns Großmann
 NL Heinz Friedrich Meyer-Velde
 NL Henry Ormond
 NL Hermann Rössler
 NL Hilde Mueller
 NL Illan Brunner
 NL Josef Perseke
 NL Konrad Morgen
 NL Michael Zimmermann
 NL Peter Gingold
 NL Thomas Harlan
 NL Walter Hotz
 NL Walter Witte
Acquisitions (EW)EW Wochensprüche der NSDAP
DepositsDEP Dauerleihgabe des Bundesarchivs, Kleine Erwerbung, Nr. 800 Raoul Wallenberg (Permanent loan of the Bundesarchiv, small acquisition, No. 800 Raoul Wallenberg)
 DEP William Nussbaum collection

Select materials

The »Select materials« department comprises holdings that have been removed from the original provenance due to their particular physical characteristics and combined to form a separate holding.

This department’s holdings comprise: an audio collection, including tape recordings of the 1st Frankfurt Auschwitz trial; a video collection featuring witness interviews with Holocaust survivors, their posterity and interviews with participants in the 1st Frankfurt Auschwitz trial; a comprehensive photo collection, among other things, of the 1st Frankfurt Auschwitz trial, the court members’ on-site inspection of the former Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp; 50 glass slides documenting the construction of the I.G. Farben factory in Monowitz; a poster collection; a collection of maps and plans and a collection of realia.

Printed materials and grey literature

The »Printed materials and grey literature« department comprises printed archive material such as flyers, brochures, newspapers and periodicals as well as printed material in volumes before and after 1945.

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