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Manuela Ritzheim

Head of administration and project management

After her apprenticeship in sign and illuminated advertising manufacturing and as restaurant specialist, Manuela Ritzheim studied project management economy and business administration at the Administration and Business Academy (VWA) Frankfurt am Main. The title of her thesis for her business administration degree was Die Implementierung des Programmbudgets an wissenschaftlichen Institutionen am Beispiel des Fritz Bauer Institutes (Program budget implementation in research institutions, in the case in point of the Fritz Bauer Institute). Ritzheim has been employed at the Fritz Bauer Institute since its foundation in 1995 and has been in charge of administration and project management there since 2008. She is also the head of administration for the newly created Chair for Research on the History and Impact of the Holocaust at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. Alongside her activities at the Fritz Bauer Institute, Ritzheim is also responsible for bookkeeping and administration of member data of the friends’ association Fritz Bauer Institut e.V. 

Manuela Ritzheim

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