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Dr. Jörg Osterloh

Research associate

Jörg Osterloh studied history and political science at the University of Hannover. He subsequently worked as a research associate at the Hannah Arendt Institute for Research on Totalitarianism affiliated with the Dresden University of Technology (TU Dresden) and was a fellow at the Volkswagen Foundation at the Ruhr University Bochum. Osterloh was also a member of the research team to study the history of  Dresdner Bank from 1931 to 1957. He obtained his doctorate in 2004 from TU Dresden with a dissertation on the Nazi persecution of Jews in Reichsgau Sudetenland. In 2004, he was also a research associate on a research project on Friedrich Flick and the Flick group of companies in the 20th century, initially at Ruhr University Bochum, and from 2005 at Friedrich Schiller University Jena. Osterloh has been a research associate at the Fritz Bauer Institute and lecturer at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main since 2008. He has been an editor of Einsicht. Bulletin des Fritz Bauer Instituts  since 2009.


    Research focal areas

    • History of Nazi persecution of Jews and the Holocaust
    • History of Nazi cultural policy
    • History of anti-Semitism
    • History of war imprisonment in the Second World War

    Selected publications

    • »Ausschaltung der Juden und des jüdischen Geistes«. Nationalsozialistische Kulturpolitik 1920–1945, Frankfurt am Main, New York 2020.
    • (Ed., with Kim Wünschmann), »… der schrankenlosesten Willkür ausgeliefert«. Häftlinge der frühen Konzentrationslager 1933–1936/37, Frankfurt am Main, New York 2017.
    • Nationalsozialistische Judenverfolgung im Reichsgau Sudetenland 1938–1945, München 2006.

    List of publications

    Dr. Jörg Osterloh

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