The Institute

Inga Steinhauser

Student Assistant

Inga Steinhauser is a Student Assistant at the Fritz Bauer Institute’s Archive. She is also a Guide at the Educational Department, where she offers tours and workshops. Previously, she was an intern at this department, and in 2020, she compiled an index of Fritz Bauer. Kleinen Schriften. Inga Steinhauser is studying for a Master’s degree in history as well as to become a teacher for history and German at the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. She is especially interested in questions regarding historical culture.

  • »Der Altphilologe Erwin Wolff und die Grenzen unpolitischen Forschens«, in: Roland Färber, Fabian Link (Eds.), Die Altertumswissenschaften an der Universität Frankfurt 1914–1950. Studien und Dokumente, Basel 2019, pp. 179–197.
  • Index, Sachverzeichnis »Fritz Bauer. Kleine Schriften«, Frankfurt am Main 2020