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Gottfried Kößler

Knowledge Transfer (volunteer)

Gottfried Kößler was a secondary school teacher of German language and literature, history and political science. Kößler has worked at the Fritz Bauer Institute since its founding in 1995, and has served as vice director since 2005. Together with Wouter van der Sluis, Kößler curated the Anne Frank. A girl from Germany exhibition from 2003 to 2006. He was co-head of the model project Gedenkstättenpädagogik und Gegenwartsbezug (Monuments and memorials education and contemporary relevance) from 2007 to 2010. From 2009 to 2019 Kößler has worked at the education centre of the Fritz Bauer Institute and the Jewish Museum Frankfurt and was a lecturer at the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. We are pleased that he continues to support the educational work of the institute on an honorary basis.

Work focal areas:

  • Teacher training on teaching about Nazi history, the Holocaust and Jewish history
  • Historical learning in a society of migration 
  • Monuments and memorials education
  • Museum and media educatio

Selected publications

  • (Ed., with Elke Gryglewski et al.), Gedenkstättenpädagogik. Kontext, Theorie und Praxis der Bildungsarbeit zu NS-Verbrechen, Berlin 2015.
  • Der Gegenwartsbezug gedenkstättenpädagogischer Arbeit«, in: Barbara Thimm, Gottfried Kößler, Susanne Ulrich (Eds.), Verunsichernde Orte. Selbstverständnis und Weiterbildung in der Gedenkstättenpädagogik, Frankfurt am Main 2010, p. 45–52.
Gottfried Kößler

Knowledge Transfer