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Dr. Axel Bangert

C. and N. Weickart Postdoc Fellowship

Axel Bangert has been holder of the C. and N. Weickart Postdoctoral Fellowship made possible by Christiane and Nicolaus Weickart and Visiting Research Fellow at the Fritz Bauer Institute since March 2021. In his research project, he examines photographic evidence of war captivity in Nazi Germany. Both camp guards and civilians living in the vicinity captured Nazi Germany's prisoners of war in a great number of pictures. What do these pictures say about the system of POW camps (»Stalags«) and the situation of the prisoners of war? What do they reveal about the attitude or behaviour of the Germans towards the POWs? And what role do images of POWs play in narratives about World War II, before as well as after 1945? These and related questions concerning a visual history of war captivity will be examined giving special attention to the fate of Soviet POWs.

Axel Bangert earned his doctorate from the University of Cambridge in 2011 with a thesis on the role of film in coming to terms with the Nazi past. He is co-editor of the volume Holocaust Intersections. Genocide and Visual Culture at the New Millennium published in 2013. His monograph The Nazi Past in Contemporary German Film. Viewing Experiences of Intimacy and Immersion appeared in 2014.