Research and Teaching

The history of Goethe University Frankfurt am Main during National Socialism and the early years of the German Federal Republic

Researcher: Dr. des. Jason Lemberg

Funding: Johanna Quandt-Stiftung und Alfons und Gertrud Kassel-Stiftung

The history of Frankfurt University during the »Third Reich« and the early years of the Federal Republic of Germany have not yet been sufficiently investigated. An exploratory study is currently being prepared as a means of laying the foundation for critically examining the university in terms of its contemporary and scientific history. To this end, archive holdings in Germany and abroad and contemporary scientific publications on selected university disciplines and literary legacies of Frankfurt scholars will be explored. The timeframe under investigation spans developments in the interwar period and through the Nazi years to the early years of the Federal Republic of Germany. Watershed shed years 1933 and 1945 will be scrutinised for their importance and impact. In addition to these turning points, the study will take a close look at hiatuses as well as continuities of a personnel and scientific nature. The aim of the project is to determine exactly how political views and scientific research at the Frankfurt University were linked. Moreover, the project is aimed at advancing 20th century historical research of German-speaking universities overall.

The findings will serve as a basis for a larger follow-up project. Prof. Dr Sybille Steinbacher and Prof. Dr Moritz Epple share academic responsibility for the project. To accompany the project, a working group at the Historical Seminar of Goethe University and a scientific advisory board made up of external experts were convened. The working group includes: Prof. Dr. Christoph Cornelißen, Prof. Dr. Moritz Epple, Dr. Tobias Freimüller, PD Dr. Michael Maaser and Prof. Dr. Sybille Steinbacher. The members of the scientific advisory board are: Prof. em. Dr. Mitchell Ash (Vienna), Prof. Dr. Volker Roelcke (Gießen), Prof. em. Dr. Carola Sachse (Vienna) and Prof. em. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Michael Stolleis (Frankfurt am Main).