Research & Teaching

Right-wing extremism in Germany after 1945

Researcher: Niklas Krawinkel M.A.

Funding: Schleicher-Stiftung

This research project is dedicated to the examination and analysis of peak periods of right-wing radicalism since 1945 in connection with historical developments. It investigates changes, continuities and new aspects of the phenomenon of right-wing radicalism. What role did the activities of National Socialist youth organisations and military sports groups play in the formation of self-evident right-wing universes (Lebenswelten) and the dynamics of violence? Did social developments lead to right-wing radicalisation, and did, in turn, right-wing radical campaigns influence public discourse in Germany? Did personnel networks of former National Socialists play a key role in the establishment of neo-Nazi positions? The project takes into account the relationship between the right-wing periphery and the Germany democratic majority and the mutual relationships between the two German states.